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Smiths Station
Fire Protection District

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Online Payments
Our payment portal with Synovus is now live and you can make online payments using credit cards, debit cards, or your bank account.
Pay Your Bill
Pay Your Bill
Synovus Fees:
Credit/Debit Card: 3.5% ($3.99 min)
ACH/EFT: $0 (free)
Fire Fees:
Monthly: $11.83
Prepay 3 months: $35.49
Prepay 6 months: $70.98
Prepay 12 months: $141.96

any amounts prepaid will be credited to your account
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Smiths Station Fire Protection District
50 Lee Rd 430
Smiths Station, AL 36877


Smiths Station Fire Protection District is the legal name of Smiths Station Fire & Rescue